Fanholes Transformers Tuesdays # 35: Titans Return

February 26, 2018


Listen as the Fanholes are slowly driven insane by the heinous hodgepodge of lifeless animation, half-assed sound mixing, tragic dialogue, and ponderous plotting that men call... Machinima's Titans Return.


Fanholes Transformers Tuesdays # 24: Combiner Wars

November 14, 2016


The Fanholes discuss the exciting, gripping, mature story* and vibrant, fluid animation** of Machinima's Combiner Wars series!


**More lies


Fanholes Episode # 101: Lasagna Is Not Relatable Larry!

May 8, 2014

photo ZorroPodcast101EDITS_zps077bde4d.jpg

This week the Fanholes discuss the relevancy of classic Golden Age and Pulp Heroes and then talk about some of their favorite Fan Films!