Fanholes Episode # 164: Moo Mesa Revival

May 30, 2017

In the first half of the show, Tony, Mike, Justin and Derek discuss the Netflix Original Animated Series, Voltron Legendary Defender, from DreamWorks Animation and World Events Productions. Then, Mike and Derek take a lengthy break in a 'Fanholes Figure That!' segment to go over some of their most wanted Marvel Legends! Finally, Mike and Derek wrap up the episode discussing the recently concluded revival of Samurai Jack! Check it out!


Fanholes Episode # 156: Muppet Babies Frontline!

May 3, 2016


Join the Fanholes for a special tie-in episode to the new feature film Captain America: Civil War!  First up they discuss the Marvel Mega-Event in the comics that inspired the film version, Civil War.  Then, not wanting to be Debbie Downers the entire episode, they discuss Mark Millar's run on Superman Adventures!


Fanholes Episode # 155: Gwen Stacy And The Pussycats

April 26, 2016


Join the Fanholes as they talk about what's currently going on in the world of Spider-Man comics!  Not only the flagship title, but every book that features a character in the Spidey family!  Venom, Carnage, 2099, Spider-Gwen, Spider-Woman, Silk, Miles Morales...everyone!


Fanholes Episode # 151: Pool-Cast

February 8, 2016


Hey weirdos, it's me- the Merc With The Mouth, the Regenerating Degenerate, the non-Inhuman, non-mutant, maybe-X-Man that men call...Deadpool!  And now I'm the Outcast With A Podcast, because Fanholes is all about me!  Heh, didja like how I rhymed "-cast" with "-cast"?  THAT's style.

Listen in as three unmarried losers discuss my greatest exploits in comic book land, and also my...le gasp...WORST stories ever?  Hey, whatever...much like a burrito, pudding pop, or Golden Girls episode, any Deadpool is good Deadpool!

Hey...wait, whaddayamean, "only this single episode of Fanholes is about me"?  Grrrrr, that's not what THEY said!  Whelp, those lousy geeks better start running to Mexico before President Trump closes the borders, cuz' THERE'S GONNA BE A WHUPPIN'!   


Fanholes Episode # 138: There Goes The Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Verse!

September 1, 2015


The Fanholes talk the Marvel comic book event Spider-Verse!  Bring body bags.


Fanholes Episode # 136: Electric Blogger Doom Will Please Only Himself!

August 3, 2015


t's the all-Fantastic Four show!  Listen as the Fanholes discuss their favorite Fantastic Four stories and team members!


Fanholes Episode # 84: Super Fighting Robot, Apocalypse!

October 9, 2013

In this episode, the Fanholes discuss the history of Marvel toys.  From Mego to Secret Wars to Toy Biz all the way up to Marvel Legends and Universe!