Fanholes Episode # 171: Klingon BOOBIES!

June 20, 2018


Join Justin and Derek as they discuss the first season of the CBS All-Access series, Star Trek Discovery!

Fanholes Episode # 162: Toy Commercial Talkback!

March 28, 2017


The Fanholes have each selected some of their favorite classic Toy Commercials to discuss this week!

To follow along, check out the Videos below!

Air Raiders:

Batman Returns: Batcave Command Center

Dino Riders

Mattel Horde Slime Pit

Toy Biz Spider-Man Spider Wars

Bucky O'Hare Action Figures, Toad Croaker, and Double Bubble Commercial

The Real Ghostbusters - Kenner TV Commercial (1986)

Mego Eagle Force "Eagle Island" Playset

SEGA Genesis Commercials - Genesis does what Nintendon't!

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Pizza Thrower

Playmates Star Trek

Fisher Price Constructx

C.O.P.S. ATAC & Highway Interceptor

The Real Ghostbusters Proton Pack & Ghost Popper Commercial

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Technodrome Toy Commercial (1988)

1970's MEGO Worlds Greatest Superheroes line TV Commercial

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - Shredder's Mutant Module

The New Adventures of He Man Power Sword

Super Powers Toy Commercial Collection Kenner 1984-86 (Every Single Commercial EVER!)


Fanholes Episode #159: We’re Gonna Tokyo Drift Across the Galaxy!

July 26, 2016


Join Derek, Mike and Justin as they discuss the IDW Star Trek series storyline 'The Q Gambit'.  Later, they share their thoughts on the latest film: Star Trek Beyond.